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Rejected OKCupid Questions

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Have you written good questions for OKCupid and had them shot down? Here is where your questions can finally feel the sunlight on their skin and breathe the fresh air of freedom they deserve, instead of being unjustly locked away in OKCupid's question dungeon.

  • All posts must contain at least one question.
  • Questions must be rejected questions (preferably "honorably dismissed") that you submitted to OKCupid.
  • Questions should be posted as a LIVEJOURNAL POLL -- see http://www.livejournal.com/poll/create.bml
    If you do not have a paid account, you can paste your questions in, but the greatly preferred format is as a Livejournal poll.
  • Posts not meeting these criteria (with the exception of admin posts) may be nuked without warning.
  • If your question sucks, prepare to deal with harsh critiques.
Discussion and critiquing of questions is encouraged. After all, if you resubmit a better question, it might just get approved.